All donations are tax deductable.

Serving Guests:

Monday - Saturday

11:30am - 12:30pm

Po. Box 8045

902 Crawford Road

Rock Hill, SC 29730


Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen is currently serving lunches To-Go outside.

We are in immediate need of To-Go boxes! We cannot operate without them!

We also would appreciate Foil Sheets to line the To-Go boxes, Butter/Margarine, Lance Crackers, Slider Buns, individually wrapped treats and chip bags.

Please also consider monetary donations as a way to offer support. We are praying for you all during this hard time!

Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen

Current Needs

Hunger isn't seasonal, which is why we accept donations year-round. Donate items to our food pantry or initiate a food drive for a needed item.

From its beginning, the soup kitchen's mission embodied the spirit that Dorothy Day practiced. It provides a safe comfortable place and a free hot meal to whomever walks through the door.

The Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen serves a hot lunch every Monday through Saturday. Sometimes as many as 135 guests arrive, and at other times as few as 30. There is always enough for everyone.

The Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen goes beyond serving a meal to the needy, they also provide free personal hygiene products and arrange for dental services.

Serving Rock Hill & York County Residents since 1986

Po. Box 8045, 902 Crawford Rd. Rock Hill, SC

Feed the hungry

Help those in need

Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen

Care for the Needy

"We have learned that the only solution is love, and that love comes with community."

Dorothy Day (1897 - 1980)

Editor, Activist, Journalist

At the Soup Kitchen we go through hundreds of Styrofoam products each day. Help us reduce our environmental impact by using paper products instead of Styrofoam.

Please consider donating Paper Plates, Cups, Bowls, and Plastic Utensils.

These Items can be dropped off at the Soup Kitchen

Monday-Friday 9:30AM-12:30PM.

Our Mission